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The Taste of Eden on Her Lips

I shall plead this as content that brings

such happiness, but worlds of passion that

burn from within her soul making ecstasy

unreal. Forbidden as the taste of Eden on her



Till my dreams explode into her globes of

paradise. Forgive me for I am the gentle

lover to her deliciousness. Let me take her in

nature’s way to explore each petal of her



To seed each blossom in ways no one has

bloomed. Paradise has time to serve us both,

for I am the giver to her needs. Let my

hands be the player of her keys, to bare the

fullest music of her heart.


To sip the nectar from within its most

passion flower. Let me be as if to touch her

in the corridors of her most sacred chapels.

Climb her temple steps into the hills of her

holy ground. Lose my lips in findings

unknown to taste her naked soul. 

The Blessed and the Beautiful


One prayer had rest the Lord on the opening

of his holy assembly, her generous ways of

love rescues me in all delight of the blessed

and the beautiful.


Focusing my gaze upon her. That glows like

her face is rimmed in gold rising to the

setting of the covering clouds in herds of

sun. Everlasting in our benevolent hearts to

embrace all the world in the wonders of her



I profit in her grandeur by heaven’s law.

Pillars of fire melt me, she will overcome all

kingdoms and let her spirit show.


Within its warmth, grace and beauty in its

power divine. For this enchanted bliss

returns to the sky, a famed tower to stand

upon us, a heaven of heavens.


A sacred space in the world that is written in

the scriptures of time and speaks about the

unity of her blessed beauty and the Lord.

Her Heart Is My Home

 Meadows come as fair, visions of worlds as

cashmere. Purple rain, fortresses of love,

feather on forever yesterdays, Rainbows are

guests of good night, wear your wings to

soar upon the nightgowns of heaven. Hills

reach to play upon ivory until angels return

to the clouds.


Never endless a gentle mother as nature,

Heard through tales of roses red, guided by

the sun’s review within a summer’s day.

Winds, bright signals, it blooms in her heart,

a place that I called home.

True Seeker of the Heart

God shall pursue the true seeketh'r of the heart. 

 wh're the holy spirit shall filleth the w'rld with

devotion f'r yond which enwheels all quite quaint 

things yond carryeth a voice f'r loveth. 


the pleasures in living in an et'rnal Elysium

did create a heaven on earth.  F'r the heart is

p'rpetual and imm'rtal and is b'rn from a

gl'rious lighteth. 


deliv'r'd by the hands of divine grace,

precious gifts shalt rest in a sleep chamber 

of prayeth'r. Wh're the valorous lab'rs of 

loveth shall comf'rt the am'rous heart


Mine own tongue speaks freely with mine

own golden quill about a muse so sweet and

innocent to falleth in loveth did marry in grace

composeth mine own loveth at which

hour black ink spills at which hour mine

own heart stirs grown with this loveth

h'r sweet beauty blooms liketh summ'r

floweth'rs with these untimely hourly

days yond fulfill


Sweet Love

The sun turns and shines bright along her way,

where the benign light that moves the sky passes through

her eyes in the upper half of heaven, which looks upon her

gaze where the ends of the earth contain the flesh and blood of her sacred beauty. And the eyes of eternity cry out to her, traveling the sweet path of love’s wishes to the doors of heaven’s kingdom, where the spirits of the divine

transform her into all that is beauty.


Golden Kisses

 Skies falleth upon mine own shouldst'rs, knocking

At mine own doth'r on holy nights.  The lady

steals mine own heart liketh f'rty thieves with

golden kisses to mine own lips.


 A w'rdless tune is what the lady sings to me,

harmonies salute mine own thoughts 'long a flag

of roses r'd. The windeth steals mine own breath til

whisp'rs turneth blue and hark closely to h'r